KML (14 Feb 2012)
"The Burden of Damascus; Can you see the UN-usual of this Prophecy ? and Why" it will be of God ? and The biginning of Tribulation/ The Time of Jacobs troubles ?"

Throughout all of the recorded history of the Hebrew children, their battles have been during the Daytime hours. For them to start War on Damascus at evening tide, is Most UN-usual. There was but ONE occasion, where God sent them out at night to surround their enemy upon the mountain top with torches. The enemy thought their numbers were much greater; and God caused a great confusion to come upon the Mighty men and they turned upon each other and smote each other all through the night, and by Morning the Hebrew children overtook them and smote them.
Joshua while under the blessings of God battled  the kings of the cities throughout Canaan in order to take the Promised Land.
Yasher Chapter 88: 57-65
And they gathered themselves together and the Five Kings of the Amorites went up with all their camps, a mighty people numerous as the sand of the sea shore. 58. And all these Kings came and encamped before Gibeon, and they began to fight against the inhabitants of Gibeon, and all the men of Gibeon sent to Joshua, saying, Come up quickly to us and help us, for all the Kings of the Amorites have gathered together to fight against us. 59. And Joshua and all the fighting people went up from Gilgal, and Joshua came suddenly to them, and smote these Five Kings with a great slaughter. 60. And The Lord confused them before the children of Israel, who smote them with a terrible slaughter in Gibeon, and pursued them along the way that goes up to Beth Horon unto Makkedah, and they fled from before the children of Israel. 61. And whilst they were fleeing, The Lord sent upon them hailstones from heaven, and more of them died by the hailstones, than by the slaghter of the children of Israel. 62. And the children of Israel pursued them , and they still smote them in the road, going on and smiting them. 63. And when they were smiting , the DAY WAS DECLINING TOWARD EVENING, AND JOSHUA SAID IN THE SIGHT OF ALL THE PEOPLE, 'SUN, STAND THOU STILL UPON GIBEON, AND THOU ' MOON IN THE VALLEY OF AJALON, UNTIL THE NATION SHALL HAVE REVENGED ITSELF UPON ITS ENEMIES. 64.AND THE LORD HEARKENED TO THE VOICE OF JOSHUA, AND THE SUN STOOD STILL IN THE MIDST OF THE HEAVENS, AND IT STOOD STILL SIX AND THIRTY MOMENTS, AND THE MOON ALSO STOOD STILL AND HASTENED NOT TO GO DOWN A WHOLE DAY.
Friends God will again Fight for Israel !   Supernatural events are coming !  The Rapture being THE FIRST, and then the Destruction of Damascus, or perhaps simultaniously. The Purpose for this time period is to bring Israel BACK to God, to put an end to sin, and usher in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here upon this earth. The Tribulation period is NOT for the church !
The church will NOT go through ANY of the Tribulation period. God has promised his bride will be Kept From His Wrath.
The Lord will keep His promise; and Israel will be the HEAD and not the TAIL during the 1000 yr reign, and throughout the Eternal Perfect State. Dwelling here upon the New earth, along with the Sheep nations of the gentiles who come through Great Tribulation.
A DOOR is Soon to be OPENED in Heaven,( Rev4:1) and we will hear the Trump of God, as did the children of Israel in the desert at Mount Sinai. But when we hear, we will be cought UP with Him in the clouds and will be forever with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Those who come to believe during Tribulation will not be part of the Bride. The Bride is taken prior to Tribulation.
Zephaniah1:4 God said " I will stretch out mine hand upon Judah, and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem; 6.) And them that are turned back from the Lord; and those that have not sought the Lord, nor inquired for him.7.) For the Day of The Lord is at hand: for The Lord [Hath] past tense prepared a sacrifice
, [His Son]   He [hath] bid his guests.
Blessed be the Lord for ever, amen, and amen.
Strengthen Yourselves, and let the hearts of All you that trust in the Lord be of good Courage.
Rev 19: 14    And the armies which WERE IN HEAVEN followed Him upon White Horses, clothed in Fine Linen, White and clean.    US

Never forget to pray for and bless Israel. God will Bless you for it.   2/10/2012

Come Lord Jesus !