Kimberly (18 Feb 2012)

Hello Patti C:

I want tell you how much I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my post about Ecclesiastes, Esther and Daniel.  When I posted it, I had wondered if anyone would read it or see that there could be some significance to it.  I'm really happy that it touched you.

I had to make a correction to my post and also added something to it.  In case you missed it, I posted the correction on February 15.

Your post re: Peculiar People certainly brought a smile to my face.  On occasion my husband has called me "weird" or something similar (usually in a joking manner, but not always).  I've also been told that I "need to get a life".  There have been times that I've mentioned things about the Bible or end time events to family members and they get very quiet, look at me like I'm crazy, and quickly change the subject.  Several years ago, my husband's nephew was visiting.  I don't remember how it was brought up, but I told him that I enjoyed Bible Prophecy and studied it every chance I got.  You can't imagine the look on his face.  It was one of total disgust, almost anger, as he asked "Why?".  I think I told him that it's because we're living in the last days and God expects me to study it (I don't remember my exact words).  He just walked away shaking his head.  If being weird is the same thing as being peculiar, I hope that people continue to think that about me.