Kimberly (15 Feb 2012)
"Uncensored News from Israel"

I subscribe to the "Uncensored News from Israel" newsletter.  I think this is an interesting article and it makes me wonder what is going to happen next.  Maybe war in March?


Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 01:14:28 +0000
Subject: Uncensored News from Israel

American public supports bombing Iran – but quickly

Posted: 09 Feb 2012 04:01 PM PST

A major company company did telephone polling in the US followed by group psychology. One of the questions was the timing of US military action in the Middle East and its effect on the presidential election. It seems that successful (for election purposes) action can take place up to the end of March. After that date there is risk of implied invasion being used as a negative platform to use in attacking Obama. Surprising was that the majority of voters would support punitive action by US Forces following an Israeli lead as long as there was no actual invasion. Rhetoric from Iran and rising gas prices at the pump have caused a short-term angst towards Iranian leadership. The general consensus is that it is better to get it done and over with.