Kevin Heckle (17 Feb 2012)

In response to the post about the transit of Venus in June 2012 found here:
I've posted extensively over the last few years about various aspects of the Venus orbit and the significance it may play in Biblical prophecy.  Venus appearing to pass through Virgo is nothing special in of itself, as it would appear to do so from our perspective every 584 days on average and half that interval on occasion.  The transit in June however, is a little more rare.  It was the knowledge of the transit itself, that the total years for a specific transit to reccur in a specific station (there are 5) takes 1215 tropical years (243 x 5), a number I found hidden in Daniel's 12th chapter.  The sum of a time, times and a half (1260),1290 and 1335 is 3885.  The difference or 1335-1290-1260 = -(1215).  This 1215 year cycle is a precess cycle meaning it occurs in the opposite (negative) direction of the orbits.  While I thought the 1215 showing up in Daniel's numbers was interesting, I didn't realize until a little later just how related his numbers were to the cycles of Venus.  By dividing the sum by the difference, the value of 3.19753 is the quotient.  It just so happens that this value is EXACTLY two times the ratio of the earth year to the 584 day cycle of 'morning star' risings of Venus!  In chapter 12, Daniel describes his vision of the man raising his left and then his right hand towards heaven as if to, not only swear but measure.  The Aramaic/Hebrew used there for right hand and left hand are the words that were actually used for north and south, facing east.  So a left hand indicating the northernmost rising of the sun and a right hand indicating the southernmost rising of the sun would infer the time length from SOLSTICE TO SOLSTICE or summer to winter.  The Hebrew word for 'time' in Daniel's "time, times and a half time" is Strong's H4150 or MOW-ED, which is first interpreted as "SEASONS" in Genesis 1:14.  So not only do you have Daniel describing the summer to winter time period (solstice to solstice), but he literally was saying "a season, seasons and and a half season".   Now the solstice-solstice period is a half-year, specifically 182.62 days.  If you multiply this half-year period times the quotient I described earlier (3.19753), this is the result:
(1260+1290+1335)/-(1335-1290-1260) = 3.1975
3.1975 x 182.62 = 583.927 days
So not only can you find the overall transit period (1215), the ratio of earth year to Venus/Earth conjunction (3.1975/2), but you ALSO find the EXACT 583.92 day CONJUNCTION PERIOD between Venus and Earth as listed on the NASA's Venus fact sheet, to within 23 minutes!
Clearly then Daniel's celestial visitor was trying to tell us something, something that only could be figured out when 'knowledge greatly increased' via scientific data and people traveling 'to and fro' on the internet to aquire it!
One other aspect of the word Daniel used for 'time', (translated from the Aramaic to Hebrew) which again was MOW-ED is that it was also used to describe a 'MEETING PLACE' which exactly describes what happens in the sky between the sun, stars and planets to reckon time.  If then he was trying to describe a meeting place, or the difference in time between meetings, obviously of Venus, Sun and Earth, then I wondered just where those meeting places occurred in the sky, how far apart measured by days.  Venus/Earth/Sun I know meet every 583.92 days, but location-wise, those meetings occur 215.539 degrees apart from the previous meeting OR (measured in days) 583.92-365.24=218.67 days apart.  What that means is, if a meeting of Venus, Earth and Sun takes place, advance 218.67 days from where the sun is now and that is where the NEXT meeting will take place 583.92 days from now.
Daniel says in the narative that he understood the time was LONG.  SO if the celestial visitor (hovering over the river) stated a 'time, times and a half', he didn't just mean 1260 days or a 639.17 days (season, seasons and a half), but some greater cycle. The normal cycle of Venus has meetings every 583.92 days, but meets 215.54 degrees apart. After the 5th meeting or 8 years, if you were looking down from outside of our solar system, you would see that it would form a star, or five pointed pentagram connecting each meeting place.  So I wondered, applying this to the greater precess cycle of Venus (1215 tropical years), how many years was the equivalent of 215.54 degrees of the total 1215.0276 tropical years.  It is very nearly 728 years.  So then if 728 is a time, then a 'time, times and a half' is 2,548 years.
Now I've gone to great pains for more than 2 years to run computer simulations on astronomical programs to gain a more precise number based on not only those positions but the moon as well, and it would take volumes to explain it any further than I've already bored you with.  Daniel goes to great pains to describe EXACTLY which date he had the vision, which I also took a great deal of time to specifically figure out to be the historically accurate START DATE.  I believe it is Julian day serial number 1525759.5 when Daniel had the vision.  So counting from the START DATE by a specific day count 930,321 days reckoned by the greater cycle meeting places of Venus, Earth and Sun TIMES 3.5, places the date of June 2, 2012 which is only 3.5 days before this Transit of Venus!!!
Where does the transit of Venus occur, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HORNS OF TAURUS, the BULL.
So then the two horns of the ram standing by the river Daniel 8:3 (Taurus standing by the river in the sky - the Milky Way GALACTIC CENTER) seems to be an indication of something ushering in the antichrist.   The passage has been fulfilled in Alexander the Great, his kingdom broken into four pieces and then descendant Antiochus Epiphanes was the archetype of the antichrist as he desecrated the temple and erected an idol there before Christ came.  I personally think this transit's symbolism is relating to the rise of the NT antichrist after the rapture of the church.
If you add 2625 (1290+1335) lunar years (354.367 days per) to the START DATE (above) the date was YESTERDAY, 2/15/2012.  The center date between June 2, 2012 (reckoned by Venus) and February 15, 2012 is April 8, 2012 EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!
The imagery of Daniel's vision in ch. 12 shows a man on each side of the river and then the exquisite visitor in the center, hovering above the waters.    Could this center date between Lunar reckoning and Venusian/Sun reckoning be the promised rescue?  I don't know, but Easter would seem like a great day for a resurrection!!!! 
In Christ,
Kevin H.