Kathy S (20 Feb 2012)

WOW!!!  How amazing the book was to read!!!  Thanks for sharing the link to it.  Do you know of anymore of his books on line?  I would LOVE to read them to.
I have NEVER heard of there being a paradise or the garden of eden 'inside' of this earth.  I have heard that hell was inside.  What I don't understand is...his book is saying that hell & paradise was inside the earth.  But the book only talks about the paradise part and not about the 'abyss'.  He does mention it, but doesn't describe about it.  Any thoughts of this??
Anyways...I just wanted you to know that I DID go and read.  and I really enjoyed hearing about things I've never heard before.  I have read the book of Enoch before.  But, now with KNOWING about paradise being 'inside' the earth...I will understand the book much better the next time I read it.  Thanks to YOU!!
may God bless YOU!!
:-h wave:-h wave:-h wave:-h wave:-h wave:-h wave:-h wave:-h wave
In Christ,
kathy s.
"Do you KNOW...."IF" you will go to HEAVEN?" 
"Jesus died on the cross, for the sin of the world.  Everyone can get a FREE ticket to Heaven.  But you MUST ask Jesus to come into your life as your Lord & Saviour.  And, believe He died on the cross for YOUR sin; He rose again, and IS alive today.  And, He WILL be coming back very soon to call Home all those who has asked Him into their life.  Please don't be LEFT BEHIND!  Call on the name of Jesus today!
   May GOD bless YOU!  kathy senterfitt