Josua (14 Feb 2012)
"Minor correction regarding 2012 and 153"

Dear Doves

I made a little mistake when I wrote that "29. Feb is the 153rd day in the Jewish calendar".

The correct formulation is: "It is the 153rd day (exclusive counting) after 1st Tishri, which is the first day of the civil year, which is also the Feast of Trumpets". (thinking about it, this makes 29. Feb. the 154th day in the Jewish Calendar, sorry!).

As Feast of trumpets is also a 2-day event, it can also be seen as the 153rd day after the second day of Feast of Trumpets with inclusive counting.

It does not change anything on the fact that 2012 is the first year since 1860 where it happens to be exactly like that, and 2012 - 1860 = 152 is the nearest possible leap-year-number to 153, which is by itself quite a surprising fact!

YBIC, Josua