Josua (14 Feb 2012)
"Amazing 2012 marker with the number 153!"

Dear Doves

29. February 2012 (leap day!) happens to be the 153rd day (Adar 6) in the Jewish year 5772, which started at the 1st Tishri (29. Sept 2011 = Feast of Trumpets = Rosh Hashanah).

153 is a completely unique number in the Bible, only recorded exactly once in John 21:11, and probably for a special reason. Many (including me) have a feeling that it may correlate somehow to the rapture.

The last time, a leap day in the Gregorian calendar was the 153rd day in the Jewish year (civil year starting with Tishri 1) was in 1860. I also checked all leap years until 2108 but  there was no match.

Amazingly, the difference between 2012 and 1860 is 152 years, which is the closest possible number to 153 (because leap years only happen every 4 or 8 years).

As a sidenote: The difference between 29. February 1860 and 29. February 2012 is 55517 days. 55517/153 = 362.856209, which is nearly the exact average between the length of a solar year and a prophetic year: (365 + 360) / 2 = 362.5.

So, what does it all mean?

It means that the leap year 2012 in combination with the civil Jewish Calendar (Hillel II) and the number 153 is marked in a very simple but unique way (from a pure mathematical or statistical point of view).

Please also consider the following: I did not try to find something like that (I even decided that I should stop having fun with numbers and day-counts), but the thought to "check if 29. Feb. is the 153rd day in the Jewish year" was impressed on my while praying! It was already late at night and so I just did a quick calculation in my head but it was wrong and I fell asleep. Today morning I gave it another try with my computer, and was surprised to find that this years 29. Feb is indeed the 153rd day in the Jewish Calendar. Then I checked if this is the case for other leap years and was further amazed that it only happens about every 153 years. So I thought I should just share it and leave it up to you what you think about it. It may serve as a little encouragement for some other number crunchers out there! ;-)

I don't expect the rapture happening at the 29th Feb, instead I expect it every day :-). If it does not happen any time soon, I joyfully keep occupying until Jesus comes (Luke 19:13)!

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua