John B (4 Feb 2012)
"Re: Joe Callaway......Antichrist.....Bravo!!!!"

One huge....Bravo !!!
Your post was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for providing the historic facts and missing pieces that most people don't realize which will allow them to understand the meanings of confusing terms and things that show up in Rev. 17 and 18 and how they apply to the Catholic Church and the end time scenario.
This spirit being you speak of that goes by multiple names will rise from the bottomless pit take on the image of a recent beloved pope and arrive on the world scene to become what the bible calls the first beast.....the antichrist. He will also be indwelled by Satan himself as per Rev.13:4  His demonic spirit wife this false Mary of the Catholic Church which goes by scores of names (many of which you mentioned in your post) will surely accompany him (woman rides the beast) to pull off the biggest con job and deception ever on planet earth. The only ones who will see through this scam are the people whose names are in the Book of Life. as per Rev.17:8
What the bible has to say about the true Mary the earthly mother of Jesus:
Lets focus for a minute on Mary the beloved mother of Jesus from what God's word tells us.  She was found to be the highly favored one, blessed among women, whom the Lord was with.  A virgin woman who God chose to be the vessel to accomplish the birth of Jesus conceived in her by the Holy Spirit. A woman who all generations hence would recognize as blessed by God to have been chosen the earthly birth mother of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then there are brief glimpses of her life up to and soon after Jesus' death. There is nothing in God's word about her death or her husband Joseph's or their children's deaths. With those details and the lack of details of many of the early saints one can using God's Word be assured that after their deaths that their souls (again using God's Words of) ----absent from the body and present with the Lord--- determine that Mary and Joseph's and their children's souls are present with the Lord in heaven but waiting with millions of others who are dead to receive their immortal bodies at the Rapture of the Church.
Joe your Islamic connection to this false Mary was right on target. Here are some of the Islamic titles given to this false Mary:
The Quran refers to Mary by the following titles:
Qānitah - the Arabic term implies the meaning, not only of constant submission to Allah, but also absorption in prayer and invocation.
Siddiqah - “She who accepts as true” or “She who has faith”. The term has also been translated “She who believes sincerely totally”.
Sājidah - “She who prostrates to Allah in worship”
Rāki’ah - “She who bows down to Allah in worship”
Tāhirah - “She who was purified”
Mustafia - “She who was chosen”
Nur - Mary has been called Nur (Light) and Umm Nur (the mother of one who was Light)
Sa’imah - “She who fasts”
Ma’suma - “She who never sinned
Here are some of the primary unbiblical blasphemous titles given to her by the Catholic Church:
1)In 1854 Pope Pius IX proclaimed the Immaculate Conception of Mary meaning she was born without sin. There is nothing in God's word to substantiate this and it was dreamt up by RCC.
2) The RCC teaches the "Perpetual Virginity of Mary" saying that she was a virgin before, during and after the birth of Jesus. Nowhere is this found in God's word . RCC made it up. In fact God's word says Jesus had siblings born to Mary. His brother James for one example. Matthew 1:24 talks about Joseph not having any sexual relations with her "until" after Jesus was born.
3) The RCC declared in 1950 by Pope Pius XII  "The Assumption of Mary" that she was raptured or ascended into heaven. Absolutely nothing to back this up in God's word. Made up by RCC
4) The RCC declared Mary as "The Mother of All Christians", the mother of all believers. Absolutely unbiblical---dreamt up by RCC.
5) The RCC declared Mary is "The Mediatrix" and that she intercedes for all believers between them and God when the bible very clearly states in 1Timothy 2:5 and 1 John 2:1 that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between men and God the Father. Again the RCC merely made this up with no biblical foundation for their actions.
6) The RCC in 1922 under Pope Benedict XV declared Mary to be "The Co-Redemptrix"  meaning that she gets co-credit for the redemption of man's sins that Jesus paid for on the cross. Completely unbiblical---complete blasphemy. Conjured up by RCC
7) The RCC has declared Mary to be "Queen of Heaven". That she has risen to a level of divinity with our triune Godhead. Not biblical and absolutely baseless fabrication and blasphemy on the part of RCC.
8) And to go along with #7 the RCC has declared Mary to be "The Mother of God" not just His earthly mother but also His heavenly mother. Complete blasphemy again dreamt up by RCC.
Here are most of the primary and secondary titles given to this false Mary:



Adam's Deliverance
Advocate of Eve
Advocate of Sinners
All Chaste
All Fair and Immaculate
All Good
Aqueduct of Grace
Ark Gilded by the Holy Spirit
Ark of the Covenant
Blessed Among Women
Blessed Virgin Mary
Bridal Chamber of the Lord
Bride of Christ
Bride of Heaven
Bride of the Canticle
Bride of the Father
Cause of Our Joy
Chosen Before the Ages
Comfort of Christians
Comforter of the Afflicted
Consoler of the Afflicted
Court of the Eternal King
Created Temple of the Creator
Crown of Virginity
Daughter of Men
David's Daughter
Deliverer >From All Wrath
Deliverer of Christian Nations
Destroyer of Heresies
Dispenser of Grace
Dwelling Place for God
Dwelling Place of the Spirit
Earth Unsown
Earth Untouched and Virginal
Eastern Gate
Ever Green and Fruitful
Ever Virgin
Exalted Above the Angels
Fleece of Heavenly Rain
Flower of Carmel
Flower of Jesse's Root
Formed Without Sin
Forthbringer of God
Forthbringer of the Ancient of Days
Forthbringer of the Tree of Life

Fountain of Living Water
Fountain Sealed
Free From Every Stain
Full of Grace
Garden Enclosed
Gate of Heaven
God's Eden
God's Olive Tree
God's Vessel
Handmaid of the Lord
Healing Balm of Integrity
Health of the Sick
Helper of All in Danger

Help of Christians
Holy in Soul and Body
Hope of Christians
House Built by Wisdom
House of Gold
Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Heart
Immaculate Mother

Immaculate Queen
Immaculate Virgin

Incorruptible Wood of the Ark
Inventrix of Grace
Joseph's Spouse
Kingly Throne
King's Mother
Lady Most Venerable

Lady of Charity

Lady of Counsel

Lady of the Golden Heart
Lady of Good Help

Lady of the Holy Souls
Lady of Mercy
Lady of Peace
Lady of Perpetual Help

Lady of Prompt Succor

Lady of Providence

Lady of Ransom
Lady of the Rosary
Lady of Sorrows

Lady of Tears
Lady of Victory
Lamp Unquenchable
Life-Giver to Posterity
Light Cloud of Heavenly Rain
Lily Among Thorns
Living Temple of the Deity
Loom of the Incarnation
Mediatrix and Conciliatrix
Mediatrix of All Grace
Mediatrix of Salvation
Mediatrix of the Mediator

Minister of Life
Mirror of Justice
More Beautiful Than Beauty
More Glorious Than Paradise
More Gracious Than Grace
More Holy Than the Cherubim, the Seraphim, and the Entire Angelic Hosts
Morning Star
Most Venerable
Mother Most Admirable
Mother Most Amiable
Mother Most Pure
Mother of Christians
Mother of Christ's Members
Mother of Divine Grace
Mother of God
Mother of Good Counsel
Mother of Jesus Christ
Mother of Men
Mother of Our Creator
Mother of Our Head
Mother of Our Savior
Mother of the Church
Mother of the Mystical Body
Mother of Wisdom
Mother Undefiled
My Body's Healing
My Soul's Saving
Mystical Rose
Nature's Re-Creation
Nature's Restoration
Neck of the Mystical Body
Never Fading Wood
New Eve
Nourisher of God and Man
Olive Tree of the Father's Compassion
Only Bridge of God to Men
Paradise Fenced Against the Serpent
Paradise of Innocence and Immortality
Paradise of the Second Adam
Paradise Planted by God
Patroness and Protectoress
Perfume of Faith
Preserved >From All Sin
Protectoress >From All Hurt
Star of the Sea
Queen of All Saints
Queen of Angels

Queen of the Apostles
Queen of Creation
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Queen of Martyrs
Queen of Peace
Queen Unconquered
Refuge in Time of Danger
Refuge of Sinners
Reparatrix of Her Parents
Reparatrix of the Lord World
Rich in Mercy
Rose Ever Blooming
Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit
Scepter of Orthodoxy
Seat of Wisdom
Second Eve

Singular Vessel of Devotion
Sister and Mother
Spiritual Vessel
Spotless Dove of Beauty
Star of the Sea
Suppliant for Sinners
Surpassing Eden's Gardens
Surpassing the Heavens
Surpassing the Seraphim
Sweet Flowering and Gracious Mercy
Tabernacle of God
Tabernacle of the Word
Temple Divine
Temple Indestructible
Temple of the Lord's Body
Throne of the King
Tower of David
Tower of Ivory
Tower Unassailable
Treasure House of Life
Treasure of Immortality
Treasure of the World Undefiled
Undefiled Treasure of Virginity
Undug Well of Remission's Waters
Unlearned in the Ways of Eve
Unplowed Field of Heaven's Bread
Unwatered Vineyard of Immortality's Wine
Vessel of Honor
Victor Over the Serpent
Virgin Most Faithful
Virgin Most Merciful
Virgin Most Powerful

Virgin Most Prudent
Virgin Most Pure
Virgin Mother
Virgin of Virgins
Wedded to God
Woman Clothed With the Sun
Workshop of the Incarnation


Thanks again Joe for the breath of fresh air and shinning a light in a dark place.......John B