John B (4 Feb 2012)
"Re: Donna Danna......Rev.13 wounded head"

Good to hear from you in your reply.......
You raised a very good point about the sword being used in Rev.13:14 to inflict the wound to one of the seven heads (kings) of the first beast.
Again we know from reading the text in Rev.17 which explains this that the seven heads represent seven kings and it was one of these seven kings that was wounded and survived. And you are right that in Rev.13 John says that the beast was wounded by  'the sword'  and lived. Noticed John didn't say he was wounded by 'a sword' but said 'the sword'. If John would have said 'a sword' then I think we would have had to take him literally and look for a sword wound but he did not.
Throughout the bible when killing was done or when someone was put to death it seemed 'generic' for them to say that whomever was put to death "by the sword". It could have been by a hatchet, bow and arrow, spear, etc. but the term by the sword seems to cover it all or was generic for being killed by a weapon.
Keep in mind John had this vision in about 90AD and there were no firearms until hundreds and hundreds of years later. He didn't know what a pistol or a rifle was but he knew some weapon was used to wound this king he saw in the vision. So I presume he use the generic term of his day to describe the weapon by saying the king was wounded 'by the sword' and not by  'a sword'.
As per my spelling of the leader of the bottomless pit you are correct, it appears that I substituted an n in place of a d in my post to get Abandon instead of Abaddon. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
This beast who rules the bottomless pit seems to go by many names, it's hard to keep tract of them all. He has many different aliases, as do many other hardened criminals that are locked up. I believe he is called Abaddon, Apollyon, Apollo, Nimrod, Osiris and probably a few more. (I probably spelled them wrong to)
Hope this explanation helps Donna.......
Blessings.........John B