Joe Chappell (13 Feb 2012)
"Madonna, Whore of Babylon, War"

Dear Doves,
I have followed Madonna's career for many years , at least since the early 80's.
Her penchant for everything blasphemous, and her apparent axe to grind with the Catholic Church, has always intrigued me.  Being a childrens and youth pastor for many years I needed to stay current as well.
I remember when she staged a concert in Babylon, Iraq . If memory serves me, it was just before Iraq invaded Quwait in 1990 or 1991. I can't find any details on this on the net, but I remember reading that she insisted in being paid in gold bullion and not paper currency. I believe about this time , she first began to refer to herself as the "Whore of Babylon". Saddam Hussein was in charge of Iraq then, and since Iraq was a muslin country, that was strange as well. Saddam was also heavily invested in resurrecting the ancient Babylonian religious icons, which predated Islam.  He spent milliions trying to build his image as a reincarnated Nebuchadnezzer. He even dug up old city gates and restored ancient pagan statues.  I wondered how Madonna who has referred to herself as the "whore of Babylon " played into all this. Of course we all know what became of Hussein !!
In 2004 , Madonna launched her Reinvention World Tour . It was initially billed as the " Whore of Babylon World Tour". That name was dropped in favor of the Reinvention Tour name.  The concert was divided into five themes, with sets and costumes to match. One of the themes was "Marie Antoinette". Most of us will remember that Marie was one of the victims of the Quillotine, during the French revoultion. . That seems just a little too familiar doesn't it ?
I have since read of Madonna's more recent, Kaballah wedding , with 13 nude bridemaids.
Nothing seems too bizarre for the Material Girl .
The " Whore of Babylon " thing is another whole subject matter.
Now I see that Madonna will  have a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. . Thousands of her devotees have set up a FB page to beg Netanyahu to postpone the war with Iran until after the Concert in late May 2012. ???????
Is this concert, another strategic NWO ceremony ?
I also read, that in 1948 , Ron Hubbard, Scientology founder , conducted some kind of occult ritual, involving a pentagram drawn on the floor. During the ritual, a powerful demon spirit ascended from the pit in a cloud of smoke. He reportedly asked the spirit what it's name was. The demon replied, " the Whore of Babylon.", and went it's way.  Nephilim ?
On a different and brighter note, I was up most of the night last night, communing with the Holy Spirit. What a sweet time.  I feel he wanted me to know two things. First, the end is almost here. It has been a long watch, and He knows we are weary, but it won't be long now. Second, there is still a little time left to bring in a few more sheaves. Be bold ! Be strong ! Win them at any cost ! It will be worth it !
Love you Doves,    joechappell