Jim F (6 Feb 2012)
"I've never posted before - Thankyou for being our watchman and cheerleader!"

Hi John,
I know your busy and I know You don't know
me but please read this and let the Holy Spirit
tell You what to do about these thoughts that
came to me before I was to leave for work on
Th, and Fr and I received a message @ Church
First of all, I was watching a You Tube post on
5 Doves R/T Planet X and its gravitational pull
on Earth, its magnetic disruption on earths magnetic
sphere correlating with dates of earth quakes,
strange earth sounds, birds falling from the sky,
and fish washing on shore...
here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1yTR_gOjPo&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Sorry for his language.
Anyway this led to a Avalanche of thoughts;
1. 2012, why and how have so many ancient civilizations
before the inventions of modern transportation,
and modern communication come up with 2012
Some say they came up with this date because
they knew and studied the stars?
2. I believe 2012 will begin the Tribulation not
because the Mayans and other cultures but
because of Scripture and this Timeline I found
and read on 5 Doves
I apologize I had bookmarked another site that is
no longer on line. Anyway, the last Tetrad to happen
for at least a century takes place bookened between
3 lunar moons in a row... Looks like a Bulls Eye to me
from GOD. Something is going to happen to the Jews
during this last Tetrad... I believe it will be them fleeing
to Petra!
I believe the NWO knows all this!
WHY did the World build a doomsday seed bank in
the Arctic? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXW_vzQppGI&feature=youtube_gdata_player
WHY is the Government building 5 story underground
food warehouses? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-urnUzbsjz8&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Does this remind You what Joseph told Pharoh to do... Stock up on food! Pharoh became RICH!
Hello! You can't eat money, You can't eat Gold or Silver!
Why is the Government building underground cities across the nation!?
Why is FEMA purchacing all those coffins!?
Then the Revelation came to me!!!
When the Tribulation starts and the Seals are Broken
I believe ANARCHY will rule the streets! The Government
have secured bunkers and the masses will have to fend
for themselves!  If You want; Safety from the Gangs on
the streets, if You want food and water (essentials of life?)
take the mark. What's the big deal, it will keep the
Gangs out of the FEMA Safe Zones. People will be so
it will be Fight or Flight and in the Heat of the moment
of self preseverance You take the Mark of the Beast (The
BIGGEST Deception the devil devized to ENSLAVE the
MASSES!) and have been Eternally seperated from
GOD the Father!
You see, I was always under the impression that the Mark of
the Beast would be OBVIOUS but it scared me to think
that it WON'T be obvious to Uninformed Christians and the WORLD!
I belive taking the Mark of the Beast will seem like nothing wrong
to 95% of people who are only concerned of saving their own
life or for the sake of their family persuade them to take the Mark.
The Bible says You must crucify Yourself to this World. I think
most Christians think that is metaphorically and hope it doesn't
really mean we are indeed going to be persecuted and we are going
to have to lay down our life.
Are we as Christians going to Pray the same Prayer Jesus
Prayed to The Holy Father, Let this chalice pass from me,
nevertheless let thy will be done. Sorry for the mis quote
Saturday, our Priest for the 3rd time since Christmas spoke out
against the HHS Obama care ruling forcing Catholic institutions
to provide abortion care and or abortion meds to its employees.
They say this is infringing on Freedom of Religion and against
this nations freedom - the Freedom of Religion. Incidentally I am
a Born again Christian!
I believe this is the Line in the Sand, the begining of the persecution
of the church (I mean Seriously as Revelation warns), the
falling away, the apostacy, the lukewarm church.  Which denominations
will unite and fight for the innocent blood shed in abortions
(over 50 million in the US) and which denominations will
sell their Souls to not loose the Government money?.
I believe across the BOARD denominations will split!
I believe there will be Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals etc
that will be lukewarm and there will be those within these
denominations that will stand against Government and
in essence lay down their life, go bankrupt and close.
The TRUE, REAL CHRISTIANS will be revealed!
Anyway, I'm trying to be obedient to GOD to spread this
message and I thought with You being a watchman for
the Body of Christ with a Big audience that
hopefully the Holy Spirit will guide You in what You should
do with this letter.
God Bless,
Jim Fraizer