Jim Bramlett (14 Feb 2012)
"Millions repeatedly utter same Hebrew word!!!"

Dear friends:

This is really strange....

What if millions, maybe billions, of people all over the world in all their own languages shouted the same Hebrew, biblical word on the same day?  How bizarre would that be?

And what if that word was the name of one of the most significant dates on the biblical calendar?

Would God and all the angels be listening? 

Would God have caused this?

Would you think that God was emphasizing that date?  If so, why?

Well, it happened this month.

During the Super Bowl this month, people all over the world were shouting the word "Eli."  That is the name of the winning quarterback and most valuable player -- Eli Manning.

According to my Strong's Enhanced Lexicon, the word "eli" in Hebrew means "ascension."  (A friend in Israel disputes that meaning, but I have to go with Strong's.  Further research on the Internet confirms the Strongs' meaning, or close to it.)

So, in the Hebrew language, millions of voices all over the world were shouting "ascension" at about the same time on the same day.

What does it mean, if anything?

According to some, Ascension Day 2012 is May 17.  Do the worldwide shouts of "ascension" mean there is something special coming on that day?  If so, what would it be? Guess!

I don't know, but it surely is weird.