Jennie (15 Feb 2012)
"Who Goes and Who Stays???  URGENT!!!"

I have noticed a lot of people asking who will go in the Rapture and who will stay behind??  Well, according to the words of Jesus who COMMANDS US TO WATCH, this should be an indicator that those who are NOT WATCHING will stay behind.  Just because we are SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS, does NOT mean we have a FREE TICKET for the Rapture???   The Rapture is a SPECIAL EVENT.  Jesus PROMISED that everyone who calls on him to be saved WILL be sealed for ETERNITY in Heaven, but he NEVER PROMISED that EVERYONE will go in the Rapture????  
I hope this helps everyone out???
P.S.  Keep in mind, that if EVERYONE was going in the RAPTURE, why would he STRESS OVER AND OVER TO PRAY AND BE COUNTED WORTHEY TO GO INTO THE RAPTURE?????  If we are already GUARNTEED, this statement would not of been made by Jesus.  Don't get caught off guard,  even though your saved, you MUST PRAY AND ASK TO BE COUNTED TO BE WORTHY FOR THE RAPTURE!!!!!   Time is up people,  lets get praying before we miss it???   YSIC  Jennie