Jeff Holliday (3 Feb 2012)
"Open letter to fellow Doves"

I have been with John and the Doves here since the beginning in the 90's as an occasional poster, but daily reader.  I normally only post here if I feel that I am specifically being directed by is the case today.

As a preface, I don't intend this letter for any person or persons in particular...just to share what was expressed to me a few years ago during prayer.  It may or may not apply to you...I will just present it as a thought, not a rebuke of any kind.

Several years ago, I began having dreams...some regarding the Rapture (so far, 3 dreams showing me what the Rapture would feel like)...other pertaining to imminent judgment.  I began to share many of these in various prophetic-oriented sites such as here at 5 Doves.  Not long after these began, I received a rebuke in my spirit from the Lord.  I was given the phrase "It is a fearful thing for a man to speak on behalf of God when God has not directed that man to speak".  I realized that I was applying my own interpretation and speculation to what I was being shown.  From that point on, I only post if I feel that He has directed me to.  Otherwise, I consider it to be just between me and Him.

I share that to say this.  Over the past several months, there have been many many posts involving wild speculation about the timing of events, meaning of dreams, visions...personal revelations, etc.  Many have proved to be in error for whatever reason.  All I would say to my brothers and sisters to make sure you are prayerfully considering whether what you have been shown is indeed meant to be shared.  Not directing this at anyone in is advice that I have also accepted for myself.

I would also like to add that just because any of the brethren here do not share the conviction that O is the antichrist...or if the tribulation has started already...or any other peripheral issue does not mean they are a plant of the enemy.  Consider for just a moment that perhaps these are Bereans that have taken your words, compared them to Scripture and not found them to be compelling evidence.  It doesn't mean that you are wrong if you have that conviction...but it is my opinion that you are wrong if you believe it is not possible for a fellow brother and sister to not share your view. my humble opinion, it's only important for us to agree on the following:   #1:  We must agree who our God is (Jesus).  #2:  We must agree who our enemy is (Satan)  #3:  We must agree to love one another as Jesus commanded us to.

Your brother in Christ,

Jeff Holliday