Jean Stepnoski (16 Feb 2012)
"Genesis 19 and Jeremiah 51: UNEXPECTED FIRESTORM ON THE PLAIN"

Dear Doves,
      We are warned in the words of Messiah/Christ Himself of the days of Noah and Lot, the destruction of the many and the saving of the few.  Part of the aftermath of the Great Flood was the Divine Promise, as symbolized by the sign of the rainbow, that the world will never again be destroyed by water, by flood. There is not a promise in The Scriptures that there will not be widespread destruction by fire.
      Lot's wife and Lot and their two daughters were warned NOT TO LOOK BACK to the massive fire. Mrs. Lot disobeyed and looked back and perished. What could she have seen? FIRE.  CONFLAGRATION. FIRESTORM. She could not have seen Sodom, her home, or people at Sodom. The fire did not just destroy the people and the buildings at Sodom, the other four cities on the plain, and the villages. FIRE turned all of the plain into a RAGING INFERNO, a huge blast furnace. Some must have died by suffocation, their lungs seared, before the fire even reached them. She may have looked back because the last of the suffering, including small children, on the far south of the plain, began to be on fire and call out for help. IT WAS TOO LATE FOR ANY OF THEM TO ESCAPE!  It was also TOO LATE TO HELP, TO RESCUE ANY ONE! They were WITHIN THE PLAIN, and THE WHOLE OF THE PLAIN WAS LIKE A BLAZING RING FULL OF FIRE! Let us consider the warnings within Jeremiah 51. This concerns many places which will be devoid of habitation by people because of "destroying wind" of fire. This is what happened at the five cities, the villages, and the plain according to Genesis 19! Jeremiah 51 describes "desolation and a dry land" in multiple places, the whole of a vast area, like the plain in Genesis 19! What is most of the U.S.A.? Is it plain? There are mountains, hills, and valleys, yet it is associated with PLAIN from sea to shining sea, "the fruited plain." In both Genesis 19 and Jeremiah 51, once the CONFLAGRATION begins, there is NO ESCAPE. One must agree to TAKE THE QUICK EXIT before the fire overtakes. It will not be wise to delay to feel the intense heat on ones back,  sense the flames licking at ones heels, and the gases searing ones lungs. On THE DAY of The Blessed Hope, one must LEAVE when the command to come up hither is given. A CONFLAGRATION overtakes a landscape very quickly. No one can outrun a FIRESTORM to peace and safety. The DECISIONS to leave must be IMMEDIATE and lightening QUICK. Or else. This gives new meaning to Luke 21. "Watch and pray always that you may ESCAPE everything that is going to happen. And have the strength to stand before the Son of Man." Escape will be necessary, and we will have to PREPARE, TO BE READY for the QUICK DECISIONS. DO NOT LOOK BACK TO THE SHOW OF FIRE. LOOK UP to The Master before us and above us. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  May He be our GREAT TREASURE like THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE! Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,