Jean Stepnoski (14 Feb 2012)
"New Releases for 2-17 and 2-24: Clues in Media?"

Dear Doves,
      We know that the powers that be can utilize mass media to convey messages about things to come.  That may be the case about the recent movie analyzed by Mathman and Ron Reese, concerning the messages going from 5 to 6 on the answering machine and other details.  Being curious,  I researched the names of movies to be released on 2-17 and on 2-24.  "This Means War" will be released to theaters on 2-17 from Fox and is of the action picture genre.  In the advertising promo being shown on television, 2 captions are used.  The first is the phrase ANYTHING GOES and the second caption is the title, shown twice.  The last image shown is the caption of the title in large RED block letters on a BLACK background, THIS MEANS WAR.
      One of the movies slated for release on 2-24 is a thriller from Summit Entertainment.  The Title?
 " GONE" is the name.  Another is "A Separation" from Sony.  A phrase is being used for the movie "Red Tails" which is a World War Two movie.  Did anyone notice whether the times actor Terrance Howard says "We will fight" is 4, 5, or 6?
      Someone had noted at RFTH that the powers that be prefer the sacrifice of victims on days 11 or 25 of a month.  These are their  2 days of preference.  If they fit the pattern,  Mr. Jackson died on a 6-25.  Ms. Houston died on 2-11, 6 days before 2-17, the eve of the 666 day of the month, the 18.  Is the name Houston important?  Is it symbolic of Houston, Texas?  Remember the phrase about complications in the upper atmosphere or outer space?  It was "Houston, we have a problem." Just wondering. Clues are piling up.  Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,