Jean Stepnoski (13 Feb 2012)
"Questions for Mathman"

Dear Doves and Mathman,
      I researched the times of the collapse of the South and North Towers on 9-11-01.  The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 AM and the North Tower at 10:28 AM. It was 29 minutes apart.  A clip for the film you saw, did that show both towers collapsing at once?  If so, why would it be digitally recreated to show 2, both of them combined, rather than the South or the North Tower? I have seen that film clip advertising the movie several times on television and I think it shows both collapsing at the same time! Do you have any idea why?  If hour and minute are 9:59 or 10:28, do the numbers 959 or 1028 mean anything? On 2-17 are we after or before those numbers of days? Together they add up to 1987.  Might the hour and minute mean 9:59 PM to 10:28 PM or AM as more symbolically significant?  Might it mean 9:59 AM to 10:28 PM as a time frame? It is significant that message 6 on the answering machine begins with the event of tower collapse in the movie.  Which one?  Any ideas, Mathman?
With Love and Shalom,