Jean Stepnoski (13 Feb 2012)
"Thank You Edwina and Charles Holler"

Dear Doves, Edwina, and Charles,
      I've added the days from 11-9 to 2-17 using a calendar to mark off the days.   Sorry for my faulty addition previously.  There are 22 in November (including 11-9 date), 31 in December, 31 in January, plus 17 in February for the total of 101 days.  Depending on whether or not 11-9 is considered day 1 or the next day means one ends the count  at 2-17 or 18.  I wonder if the time the second tower fell is a clue as to timing?  In the recent movie analyzed by Mathman, that is WHEN the phone messages WENT FROM 5 to 6 on the answering machine.  WHEN would the 6 BEGIN?  That would be in a daylight hour on 2-17?  Did the second tower collapse happen during morning in New York City? Is THAT HOUR AND MINUTE going to be used again?   If some event or more are devised to occur after sundown, then that would be after 2-18 begins, according to the reckoning of a day beginning according the The Scriptures.  Perhaps all is meant to occur before midnight begins 2-18, the (6 plus 6 plus 6) or 666 day of the month?  One might call it, symbolically speaking, the antichrist day of a month.  To upstage the Shabbat?  The anti creation of destruction, or the creation of destruction and chaos (ordo ab chao)?  What would be done would herald the day 18 (666), the beast day?
      Thank you for your remarks Edwina and Charles.  I am grateful a number of Doves are able to work together to see clues and patterns which may apply, especially for the end of the week ahead.  Does anyone know if significant events happened in the history of Israel on Shevat 24 or 25?
With Love and Shalom,