Jean Stepnoski (10 Feb 2012)
"The Date of 2-18-2012: Reply for Charles Holler"

Dear Charles and Doves,
      If the powers that be, intend a 6th warning/ concluding event or events, after the conclusion of 6 intervals of 3 weeks (21 days each), starting on 11-9-2011, the day of conclusion will be 2-18-2012. This date is 21 days after 1-28-2012., date of 2 signs / warnings.  The total 216 day period  would show the pattern of 3,3,3,3,3,3.  According to occultic numerology, this pattern can be symbolically seen as 6,6,6 (666) or 18 (6 plus 6 plus 6). The pattern may be about 6 plus 6 plus 6 rather than 6 times 6 times 6.  Part of the world far back on the 24 hour grid may still be in 2-17.  However, 2-16 does not apply.  Also, the date of month 2, day 16 would be according to the Scriptural Calendar rather than the Gregorian Calendar.  Month 1 is Nisan and month 2 is Iyar in the Scriptural reckoning of months.  Exodus 16, with a 2-16 date would mean Iyar 16.  Month 2 in the Scriptures will not mean the month of February. Israel used the Scriptural Calendar, not the Gregorian.
      Might The Day of The Blessed hope be before 2-18-2012?  Messiah/ Christ promises that some with "the strength to stand before the Son of Man" should "watch and pray always that you may escape all."  If a serious event or events are planned for 2-18, then the day to "escape all" might be a day on or before 2-18. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,