Jean Stepnoski (10 Feb 2012)
"A Black Mass Plus 13 Days?"

Dear Doves,
      The date of 2-17 at sunset begins the weekly Shabbat, the last day, day 7 of a Scriptural week, the day of rest. It begins 2-18 which is 3 days away from President's Day.  Backwards like reading Hebrew, 2-17 going to 18 is The Third Day from 2-20, President's Day. Followers of Messiah/Christ will enter into His rest.  It will begin Shevat 25.  Shevat is month 11 on the Scriptural Calendar.  The number 11 is associated with judgment.
      The date of 2-18 is 13 days past the date of 2-5 and Madonna's show at the Super Bowl at Indianapolis.  Some considered it a black mass, like an omen,  with  themes of gold and fire, black and death, and a TRAP door at the finish.  Remember "the setting of the TRAP, the SNARE" Messiah/ Christ warned would come? A SNARE is a BIRD TRAP.  Why did one of the cast give a hand gesture known as "giving the bird"?  It is an "f you" hand gesture, a defiant and hostile gesture.  What about symbolism?  This was much more than a crude hand gesture.  It was symbolic, defiant, obvious, in your face, hostile, and 13 DAYS before 2-18.  Could it mean that after 13 days would be the real "f you", the finish you, the trap, the snare, the trap door giving way under ones feet?  The 666 day of this month will be the day of 18.  Only 6 plus 6 plus 6 add up to the Beast number of 666.  "Giving the bird" is symbolic of 2 kinds of birds.  One is the national bird of America.  It is the eagle.  This bird is prominent for the U.S.A., the Roman Empire, the Nazi Regime, and the powers of this world.  What is the other bird?  It is the phoenix.  If one succeeds in destroying "The Eagle" then The Phoenix, the later bird of phase 2 (symbolic of the powers that be of this world), is meant to be The Phoenix rising from the ashes, of the blackness of death and the golden of fire?  For those not taking note of 2-18, consider these themes.  Omens of things before the 6,6,6 (666) day of this month. Ponder The Day of The Blessed Hope.
With Love and Shalom,