Jana Miller (16 Feb 2012)

Dear Nicole,
I so truly loved the video from "hummingbird" you posted. It was an amazing teaching on the "manchild",and it so excited me to listen to such a gifted teacher. The second link did not come up, but the last one was also a real blessing. Yes, we should all be yearning to be with our bridegroom!! I have always prayed to be counted worthy,and like you,I really do not feel I belong in this world, which is becoming harder to be in everyday. I do appreciate the joys God bestows on us,however. You must be so excited about your baby.I know what a happy time it is (I had three!), I now have 2 little grandsons (ages 2 and 9 mths.) I would really be worried about what kind of world they will be in,if I did not believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming soon. I pray that I am bearing the fruit I was meant to bear. This is a hard issue for me sometimes because I naturally tend to want to be alone. Yes, I pray and study, but I am not as bold as I used to be about sharing the gospel. I usually try to feel if someone would be receptive, if I think they will not, I do not push it. I am quite aware of all of the NWO and occult world you have mentioned. I used to fret more about it, but I know only God (Ps 94) will eventually deal with the wicked. They are fools to think otherwise.I was given discernment and great awareness about this topic many years ago. It is just the tower of Babel redux. .nothing new under the sun!! Be at peace and focus on the blessings of everyday life. There is still joy to be had!!! Thank you for all of your interesting posts...and please keep us updated about the baby!!