James S (9 Feb 2012)
"To Gerlinda Re: Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl"


Thank you for your response to my post regarding the "giants" defeating
the "patriots".
I believe you are correct, with your discerning/prophetic assessment
regarding how there was little "time left" at the end of the game after
#44 fell into the END-zone and scored the winning TD. ....similarly,
there will
be little time for those who are left here on the earth after the
rapture, before they meet their end at the hands of the AC.
Those believing themselves to be "patriots"....the lovers of this
country, rather than being lovers of God, will have to be beheaded at
the hands of the beast. Eerily, this horrible truth was also confirmed
by one of the Giants' players in an interview, as well as two
commentators, immediately after the game was over.
Here is what I wrote to a fellow Dove on Sunday night after I saw this
incrdible and prophetic statement that this player made as he assessed
the "Giants" performance.

I just wAtched a taped interview of one of the NY "giants" players and
when asked about defeating the  "patriots" in two succesive Super
Bowls.....he paused for a few seconds and then he said.....and I
quote....."we decapitated (i.e.,beheaded) them, and they can't wear
that crown no more, Baby".... THEN....in response to his statement,
Steve Young, a former NFL player and current SBowl commentator laughed
and immediately responded to the player's comment by
quipping...."Wow,... Marie Antoinette (sp?) with the guillotines..."
Another announcer then said "...wow, I hadn't thought about Louis XVI
(the 16th) in a while"

One last "coincidence"  ;)   about this excahnge of his words, and then
the announcers responses to them, in my opinion, is warning us as to
just how close we are to a total collapse and suspension of the
Constitution we are here in this nation.
After Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette were beheaded in the
midst of the French Revolution, their son,  Louis XVII was


....here is the rest of the letter I just sent you....

......Louis XVII (son of Marie Antoinnette and Louis the 16th) was
imprisoned and tortured for 2 years after his
parents were beheaded...he died when he was 10 yrs old. That Giants'
player who they interviewed said....."We decappitated them...they can't
wear that crown no more, Baby...they can't wear that crown
anymore.".......right after he said that is when the studio announcer
immediately laughed and quipped...."Marie Antoinnettte and that
guillotine...."  and the other studio guy laughed as well and said
something like...."Its been a long time since I've heard about Louis
the 16th....."

"For the sovereign Lord does nothing lest He first revealeth it to His
servants, the prophets..."

Remember the letters a few years ago about the 15,000-30,000
guillotines in Georgia and Montanna?

James S.