Horse Girl (16 Feb 2012)
"Amanda: Regarding the Issue You Asked for Help with..."

 Hi Amanda,
I read some of the posts with regard to the demonic appearances in your home.  Most echo the same advice: checking your home for items that attract evil spirits, video games, movies, gifts, and then pleading the blood of Jesus over your house and child.  My husband and I watched a DVD series by Perry Stone entitled "Purging Your House" and our spiritual eyes were open to items in our own home that should not have been there. Here is the website to this series; it will open your eyes to the revelation of God's word and truly help you with this issue:  Click on the drop-down for the store and then the DVD series "Purging Your House".  He also has a wonderful book entitled Purging Your House and Pruning Your Family Tree.
A book that we read and was also extremely helpful is Spiritual House Cleaning, by Eddie and Alice Smith. 
Only the name of Jesus and the word of God in the life of a true disciple of Jesus have the power to cast out evil spirits. Not crosses, crucifixes and "holy water". The Name of Jesus and the Word acted in conjunction with your faith as a child of God have the authority to bind and cast away evil spirits (Mark 16:16-18). Watch out for superstition-traditions versus solid, biblical methods for cleansing the atmosphere in your home.  Worship music absolutely cleanses the atmosphere; the bible says God lives in the praises of His people.
Here are a couple points:
1. Identify when the issue first began (this will help in identifying if the manifestation is the result of an object being brought into the home, is this related to a new home or apartment, what is the history of the home or apartment or area, etc.).
2. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes that you may see your home and the items in your home with His eyes.  Ask that He shows you any and all things that offend His presence and attract evil spirits; you will be surprised what items He will say have to go!
3. Promptly remove as the Lord directs any movies, video games, books, toys, pictures, musical instruments (some are decorative from other countries that are used in pagan worship), or soul-tie items.
4. Pray over your home, especially your child's room, and plead Jesus's blood covering over your home according to His word. Use your God-given authority in the Name of Jesus to cast out all evil spirits.
5.  Consistently play worship music in your home.
6. Abide in the Lord and make sure that your own lifestyle is one that honors the Lord; cleansing your home has no lasting value if there is not an atmosphere of reverence to God in holiness (Mathew 12:44 and Luke 11:25).
The closer we come to the return of Jesus the more frequent demonic manestations will become. A wise friend once told me: "We all will experience visitations, but should never have habitations."  In other words, we cannot stop periodic demonic activity in the form of temptations, trials, etc.  The bible calls these situations "common to man".  But our home should absolutely be off-limits to demonic habitations.  Habitations occur through continual demonic entry points left open AND our being ignorant of satan's devices.  Your home should be an oasis of peace, love and tranquility for you and your family.   
You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!