Gerry Almond (16 Feb 2012)
"Jack Van Impe speaks volumes"

Dear Doves:

If you get a chance, watch this week's Van Impe program.  It streams from
I think.

Man, did Jack Van Impe let the Wycliffe Bible Translators have it on this week’s show.  He was madder than Jack Hornet at their eliminating the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in their new bible in favor of Allah, Mahdi and spirit in order to placate the Muslims in their Islamic religion and not offend anyone.  What value would any bible have if it did that?

I agree with every word he spoke in the 30 minutes diatribe against this.  And that goes for the “replacement theology” people as well, he said.  Saying that the church replaced Israel in the covenant promises of God.  How dare anyone do such a thing.  It is clear from scripture that God’s covenant with Abraham is an everlasting one, not subject to the replacement people.  Such arrogance and such stupidity, and they teach others this also.  No wonder our churches exhibit such apostasy.   

Van Impe, several times said “God forgive them”, not in a prayerful attitude, but one of disgust and condemnation.  Way to go Jack!!!!

I read somewhere that 80% of our churches are in some degree of apostasy now?  Can that be true? 

I also heard Jack Van Impe say that 10,000 churches have shuttered their doors in this past year.  Can that be true?  I guess so, but all I can say is “Wow”. 

Like the catholic priest at his first confessional being overseen by an experienced priest.  At the end the older man said to the young priest, “you did very well, but I have one comment.  I suggest that you end the confessional with some other word than “Wow”. 

Our world is like that now.  All I can say is “Wow!!!!).

Even so come, Lord Jesus,

Gerry Almond