Gerlinda (8 Feb 2012)
"Candace: Ex Seal"

Hi Candace,  I went into Before It's News and copied this article.  I know that I saw the same thing on another link also.  There is a lot of interference on it so be prepared to go back and move the lever to another spot a bit further than you were.    I hope this helps.  gerlinda
Candace (7 Feb 2012)
"Re Gerlinda ex seal"

I am watching an amazing brand new whistleblower interview on YouTube by Project Camelot. They had to move locations because of all the helicopters that kept flying overhead. There was also interference on the camera. The cool thing is that they left that in as part of the interview. Kerry Cassidy interviewing, a woman! She is very good.

It is very long, so you might have to wait til you get back! Bill Wood is an ex US navy man and was fighting in a war that we were officially not having in Iraq. I am only quarter of the way through so far. There is stuff about 911, mind control, shooting civilian targets, selection processes.  The positive news is that there are plenty of people within the government, navy, army, CIA that are secretly rebelling. They are called the 'Oathkeepers', because they stick to their original oath, rather than mindlessly obey.

Bill was inspired to whistleblow after the NDAA at New Year.


He claims that Bin Laden was not alive when it is claimed he was killed by Seal Team 6 on May 2nd 2011. Seal Team 6 was itself wiped out in an exploding helicopter after, in Bill's opinion, not killing Bin Laden. (TAP - many think they were all killed to stop the truth coming out)

He claims far more military activity has been going on in The Middle East than has been publicised, with attacks on numerous countries using Tomahawk missiles, ongoing since the first Gulf War, all through the 1990s, unknown to the rest of the world. He did his duty until one day another Seal Team was detailed to wipe out a village where he had become friendly with the people.
He then could no longer carry on killing innocent civilians as he was being ordered to do each month.

He was then forced into a mental institution and given mind-bending drugs before he was released from the military six months later. He had once refused to target a weapon onto a group of innocent civilians on one occasion, before the loss of his friends (in Iraq), and was court-martialled within a month, not for the refusal to obey the targeting information, but for a trivial sexual misdemeanour which had happened some years before. He was made to plead guilty and sentenced to 11 years in gaol. He knew that if he refused to kill again, the sentence would be carried out.

He also believes that The Pentagon was hit with a Tomahawk missile, not a 747, and says the turn made by the Tomahawk was a manoeuvre he was used to seeing, and was not one that could be made by a 747. He didn't seem to know about the other theories about how the planes were flown into the Twin Towers - that they weren't planes at all, but computer images superimposed onto other military remotely-controlled vehicles of a different kind. I stopped watching at 1 hour and went to bed. At least the film was working as signal improves here late at night.