Gerlinda (7 Feb 2012)
"Ho, Ho, James S"

HO, HO, James S,  I'm a female and don't watch football but I do understand the game.  This year I wasn't a bit interested except to tell my husband that the Giants would defeat the Patriots based upon the same kind of thinking as you have put so well in your post here.   I thoroughly enjoyed what you brought up regarding the number #44. 
PS  On a replay, I did see number #44 "Fall into the End Zone".    There just wasn't enough time left to change the final result, was there?   Thanks.  gerlinda
James S (6 Feb 2012)
"Giants (fallen angels) defeat/judge "patriots"....and #44 (judgemnet of the world) propheically confirms this truth as he ...#44 "falls into the END-zone..."