Gerlinda (6 Feb 2012)
"Ex-Seal tells what has, is and why the Illuminati are working frantically to change the ultimate time frame."

John & Doves,  When you are able, listen to this lengthy video by an ex-Navy Seal.  While there are those that say we aren't in Tribulation yet or at the mid-point or as others say....2012 is the End of this World as we know it, this man tells things that only someone who was in the Inside could put together.  He is a very brilliant man, was  framed by military and eventually able to get out.  But, wow!  This is an absolute video to watch.  You will understand things you probably only had tid bits about before.  Jesus Christ is in "Control".  He does not mention that but we know who holds the universe together.  Let me pique your interest...did you know the military is able to travel anywhere in space and can get to Mars within a day?  Why are there under-ground cities all over?  What is going on in the secret places such as Area 51?  Why has NASA been shut down?  No hope????  gerlinda