Gerlinda (29 Feb 2012)
"Heart Attack, Food or Saved by the Lord Jesus' Redemption Gift?"


John and Doves,
Here, let me send this portion I typed up concerning the link to Kleck's show.  Some of you may not be able to handle this but this is the real stuff going on, not the false propaganda put out for years and years. Let me add also, that the Super Bowl Half-time show was an announcement of their public arrival; no more hiding behide dark recesses and symbols but out in the open.   That  ritual killing of Whitney Houston was exactly that; out with the old and in with the new.   She was an offering by the Hollywood Satanist, not an over-dose on her part.  There is lots of anger among her family because they know this. Even her handler in the music field spoke of Whitney's unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.  We are saved by grace and judged by our works in receiving or losing rewards. 
 I received, from my  friend in Uk, this morning, the link to Jonathan Kleck's recent interview with a Colonel.  I've listened to it.  I'd like to have you  hear what the Colonel had to say and oh my, we thought we knew a lot. He tells that we (the earth as we know it) are about to come to the end within weeks or days. He tells of the USA selling out to the Aliens back when that Rockwell UFO crash happened in 1948 and now it is pay back time and they (the governments) are trying to weasel out of it. The sky is full of drones, which are creations of that technology.  You have either seen or heard of the great UFO increase.
 He speaks about the noises we have been hearing and are puzzled over  and that it is the very rocks groaning just as Jesus said they would when people don't praise him.   The vibrations from HAARP does this.  It is so wicked in this world, far more than we probably can even imagine. He tells that the level down under the earth where the tunnels are built,  ( I forget which one now,  level 13???) is where they  house these horrible hybreds.  There was the one living alien they took alive way back mixed with human and now there are thousands of these created. They are so horrible that the Colonel peed his pants when he saw them the first time. Some are over 40 ft. tall. They will be loosed soon and they feed on people. No wonder people, whom have been given visions of demons lining up in a row and let loose go after the humans to feed, are being shown this.  A normal mind couldn't just dream up such horror.  When I first heard that, I thought the person was nuts.  Well, he wasn't.  The Colonel says that these beings have never seen the light of day and when they do, they will be out of control.  Do you suppose that is why so many people disappear never to be seen again?  part of the feeding program??
He reveals that our vote doesn't mean a thing, it isn't the lesser of two evils, it is the evil against the evil. It is all a very good video if only Kleck didn't sound off so much with his interruption but I understand his enthusiasm.    Another thing that he tells is that there is a huge hole in our solar belt now, which allows the Solar Blasts to strike parts of our earth (easily verified in the Space links).  I believe the two solar blasts just recently occured and heading this way?   When the fire from the sun hits, earth will  literally fry earth and kill 1/3, just like the Bible says.   This interview show just why it is so important to read God's Word.  There is only one escape.......Our Merciful Lord and Saviour Yeshua.  
I know now that  the dream I had a year ago about the earth being tossed around like a cottage will happen and already the earth's poles are moving so quickly, which, when you think of it, will make proper navigation by instruments off.
Thank God, the dream I was given I saw it from above and not a part of it.   The Colonel asks, "Did you know that there was a full Moon for a month?"   The aliens/demons  from outer space come here to mine certain minerals they need to defeat the gravitational pull. He said that humans can't make it here, only the aliens (demons) are able to do it....out there. That explains the acitvity on the Moon and other places, eh? Bottom line, the Colonel  tells to read Rev. 18 because that is where we are at and it is so wicked that God is about to say "Enough" and his wrath will hit. I have a tendancy to agree with my sister in the UK, this is closer to the Rev. time line.  He also tells that the younger generation have no clue and the older ones that don't know their Bible think things will always go on like it did in their generation.  Wrong! He emphaises the need to be born-again and to tell others because if they are not born-again, they will literally die from heart failure from the fear of seeing them or be eaten by these huge monsters.  It is just like the Bible tells, isn't it?  Only, if we have been born-again, are we escorted through this time. Guess it is like many of us have  thought,: we go up and Satan comes down. And those under-neath come out.  But anyway, the key to unloose the pit is about to be inserted.  Knowing this and other things I didn't know 6 years ago is why I don't talk about much else cause what else really matters?? 
The next portion of this interview has more detail on the Nephilim and the Transhumanist which Tom Horn, a very knowledgable scholar in this field has been speaking about....even Gary Stearman from Prophecy In The News is hitting on this fact.  Do you remember Dollie the sheep/cloned? Well, they have a whole army of clones, who belive they don't have souls?...very interesting...