Gerlinda (20 Feb 2012)
"watched it"

 I want to say that I watched Whitney Houston's childhood home church funeral and the pastor did an outstanding job of lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ.  The whole celebration of her life (regardless of the life) was centered around Jesus.  I loved it, loved it, loved it.
Kevin Costner, whom was her co-star in the movie Body Guard, brought humor and a real honesty to his testimony of the kind of woman she was.  He referenced the fact that they were both Baptist grown and had much in common, besides being a boy and a girl.  He told of how insecure she felt and what a performance she gave, even at her first Screen Test, when she came out, having removed the studio make-up and replaced it with her own....heavily applied....which then began to smear all downr her face because of the hot, studio lights thus cutting the test very short.   He spoke of her doubts and even the doubts of producers, etc. if she was the one to play the part and to everyone's happiness, they found no one  could have played the part or sang the songs like she did.
The Pastor reminded us how we are to live our life; "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness" and then these other things will be added onto you.
I believe it was her mother's desire to reach the world for Jesus and to seek Him.  And, I have no doubt, that many who had never really thought about living the life may have taken to heart the need to commit one's life to Jesus........nothing else even matters.
The pastor also said, "A Moslem said he wished he had met Jesus before the Christian."
I'm so glad I happened to stumble upon the funeral and stayed to watch even though I had no prior intention.  Is there any doubts that it was the blood of Jesus that purchased our Redemption and not our works, which are like filthy rags.  Only, totally rejecting His Out-stretched Hand, will keep one from enjoying Eternal Life.
Thank You Yeshua,