Gerlinda (18 Feb 2012)
"Alert.....As Vatican War Intensifies, Assassination of Pope Warned Imminent"

John and Doves,  This news is not exactly new but an addition to what was broken several days ago.  Add this to all the other pieces of the puzzle that allows us to ask, "Just how much longer can this world revolve without totally up-heaval?"  Don't you just want to take a wash cloth and wet it down with all of these facts and wipe the smirks off the faces of people that doubt the days we are living in and that say nothing has changed; there isn't anything of which to be concerned."?
I, especially, am taking note of the fact that Jeb Bush has now been spoken of by Henry Kissenger as being the next president.  In my heart of hearts, I cannot see another president but see that One World Leader publically coming upon the scene to announce himself in such a way, no one has to argue if he is or isn't the man.   All of the political news is just mush to swirl around your mouth to keep you content so that you think you are being fed true food for thought.  Don't put your hopes on any man created lies but stay with the Word of God, which is Nothing but the Truth.  Prase God that most Doves already know this.  In fact, the Doves of other countries can see our politcal scene more clearly than most living right here within this Forest of Fiction. 
I want to add one more thing.  I became a Naturalzied Citizen of this once great country so long ago and took pride in being able to vote.  Knowing what I do now that it never counted for anything, I am so, so angered that men could be so callous (but then, that is par for the course, isn't it?),  I will never vote again but put all of my faith in the One Who is Coming to Rule and Reign.  gerlinda