Gerlinda (16 Feb 2012)
"Michael Colunga - year of Jubilee"

Dear Michael,
     This is the first time I finally comprehend the Jubilees as you out-lined it.  I could understand many other things but not the Jubilees and why there had to be the 70th one and that it came on Yom Kippur in 2015 that would mean the physical coming of Messiah to put an end to sin and set free all captive and return things to their original state.  Wow!  That is about as sure as it gets.  Back up 2520 days and again I say, "No Wonder You Are So Giddy".    Just call me GIDDY GERLINDA.  Now, I know the Wrath of God must be right around the corner.  Yeshua bless you, oh faithful one,  Michael. 
And John, Yeshua bless you also as the faithful servant of the Lord that you are.