Gerlinda (16 Feb 2012)
"Satanic rituals performed this week"

John & Doves, God has His numbers and Satan is the great immitator, since that is all he can do.   I want to share with you two different but very real satanic rituals that took place over the last few is when Whitney Houston was murdered (she did not die from an overdose) she was sacrificed by a satanic ritual and the first link will prove this.
The second ritual was done the on the grammy awards show which is said to have been watched by more people than any other grammy awards show ever. A newer singer/entertainer dressed as a demon possessed person performs an exorcism on herself with the pope and several satanic priests wearing red hooded robes as well as white hooded robes.  She even levitates shortly after she breaks free from the chains that can no longer hold her from the exorcism....all for the world to see! These people are so wicked & ruthless they gladly flaunt their wickedness in front of the world!