Gerlinda (14 Feb 2012)
"Bruce Warner's pre-wrath"

I must agree with Bruce Warner that the Church is taken before The Wrath.  I used to believe pre-7 year Tribulation but it just didn't add up.  When I found, without a doubt, that we are seen taken before His Wrath, I had to stay in that position because the others were convincing but not definent such as Revelation 7:9.
As I have stated before and especially after reading the evidence regarding this man in office now, one   to whom it was given, is that I can no longer dogmatically say there is 3 1/2 years left, let alone 7 years.  This Son of Satan is given only 3 1/2 years....45 months to continue.    And,  didn't the man show up on the scene in Berlin prior to that election and then, in Denver, where he accepted that nomination to "continue"?  I've have wondered since then, does the 45 months start at that time or at his "so called" swearing in?  I, personally believe like others that it was on Oct. 28, 2008.
With all of that said, I concur that Obama is the man.   He is now "continuing".  So, is this seems to be Abbadon in the flesh?  There is much we do not know about his dark past.  And let me add, is that noise being heard from below the demons being release?  And the noise in the heavens, is that war-fare and trumpets?  I think we are in those days and this year 2012 will bring on the up-heaval that will occur with the earth being pulled from it's place and thrown up-side down.  Who can survive?  Those that dug under think they will yet they cry for the rocks to fall upon them.  Those of us who are believers will be gone before the Wrath of God comes.  It is much later than most think.  gerlinda
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Bruce Warner (13 Feb 2012)