Gerlinda (13 Feb 2012)
"Phoenix is the name of the Emblem"

Ed C. and Doves,  I knew that the round disk,  with the wings was the Winged Sun Disk whose feathers were spread resembled a bird that the Illuminati regard as being of the highest importance and which seemed to be the whole theme to that Black Mass performed but I knew there had to be more to this whole scene. 
I hesitated to post an answer and I am glad I did because today, God sent the answer to me for all of you.  This grand production by the Illuminati at the Super Bowl shows. without doubt,  that they regard now as the perfect time to cause Sudden Destruction from whose ashes arises, the Phoenix.  Please read the information below as presented in the Book of Baruch, written in the first century. 
Concerning what looks like an M; you will notice that there are six pyramids in that letter, three of which are inside the circle.  This is a powerful Occult performance for all the world to witness.  gerlinda

The song ends with the displaying of a Winged Sun-Disk.

Chapter six
1 And taking me, he led me where the sun goes forth.
2And he showed me a chariot drawn by four horses and fire underneath it. And upon the chariot sat a man wearing a fiery crown. The chariot was drawn by forty angels. And behold, a bird runs along before the sun, as large as nine mountains.
3 And I said to the angel, “What is this bird?” And he said to me, “This is the guardian of the world.”
4 And I said, “Lord how is the guardian of the world? Teach me.”
5 And the angel said to me, “This bird accompanies the sun and spreading its wings absorbs its fire-shaped rays.
6 For if it did not absorb them none of the race of men would survive, nor anything else that lives, so God appointed this bird.”
7 And he unfolded his wings, and I saw on his right wing very large letters like the place of a threshing floor, having the space of 4000 media, and the letters were gold.
8 And the angel said to me, “Read them.” And I read, and they said thus: “Neither earth nor heaven bear me, but the wings of fire bear me.”
9 And I said, “Lord, what is this bird, and what is its name?”
10 And the angel told me, “His name is Phoenix.”