Gerlinda (13 Feb 2012)
"Ben C - Did anyone notice....?"

Yes Ben, I did notice it about two years ago and also that the flag was being draped to show the two points of the stars in a more up manner.  I could not get people to listen to me when I pointed it out.  I have gotten so sick of well intended people telling me if we just get out and vote we can fix all this bad stuff.  Oh yeh!  There was a Republican president and a Republican Congress in  at one time and did anything get done?
I am so thankful you posted the pictures Ben because one picture is worth a thousand words.  For all practical purposes, it never really did matter if we voted.  It was only given to us to make us feel good but those powers that be had both sides covered and continued on with their parade of agendas and NOW LOOK WHERE WE ARE.....right where God told in His Word?
In fact, the Illuminati has held the presidency right from the beginning, starting with Washington.  Those men that were assassinated were the only ones that dare do what is right.   If one does a thorough research on the presidents and their true history, they will see that this country became great because of the ordinary people not these Two-Faced men.   Soon, their masks will come off and their true idenity will be seen.   Kind of like at Purim?
Ben, thank you,  gerlinda