Gerlinda (11 Feb 2012)
"Patti C - the Lines Are Drawn"

Hi Pattie, 
I have read all the information about this possibility of Prince William being the one to take the throne when he reaches the age of 30, which is June 21st this year 2012.  In the book "The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea" by Tim Cohen, all these things are laid out so clearly along with the Coat of Arms and the meanings of the animals on the shields (a mxture of bear, leopard and lion).  The author thinks it could be Prince Charles but then, much has happened since then and William has risen in prominence with his own designed Coat of Arms,  that show more dragons than his father because he is an authentic heir of the House of Stuart of Wales  whose flag features the Red Dragon.  (Year of the Dragon?).  He, having had Diana, as his biological mother, from the House of Stuart, is actually the legal heir to that throne, not Prince Charles whose biological father and mother are of the Germanic Houses.  I'd like to include in here what took place when Prince Charles was Investiture. 
     Speaking of his 1969 investiture, Prince Charles recalled, "Within the vast ruin of Caernarvon father invested me as Prince of Wales. Upon my head he put a cornet cap as token of principality, and into my hand the gold verge of government and on the middle finger the gold ring of responcibility.  Then leading me by the hand through an archway to one of the towers of the battlements, he presented me o the people of Wales."  Either this is a misquuotation or Charles referred to someone other than his mother and Prince Philip as his father in connection with his investiture.  It was not Prince Philip (who lacks such authority since he is not the British soverein) but the queen who placed the coronet upon Price Charles head; also it was not Prince Phillip but the Queen who led Prince Charles by the hand to present him to the Welsh people!  If we accept the above quote as accurate, we must conclude that Prince Charles could only have been  referring to some other 'father'.....that is, the Red Dragon or Satan.  When he accept this investment he said the words, "Ich Dien", which means he is saying, "I'm Yours".   (taken from The Antichrist And A Cup of Tea - p. 203)
So Whether Prince Charles  really is the  biological father is another issue.  No, I am not talking about Prince Harry, whom we know was not sired by Charles but William himself.  Diana told her best friend that Harry was concieved in the normal way but William was not.  She knew whom his father really was and tried to abort that pregnancy by throwing herself down the stairs.  His father is known as Pindar (Satan).  Yes, you are so correct that William has all the attributes of that End Time leader that Obama does not.
I just read Mathman's article about the Nazis never really dying off.  He makes excellent points, which leads me to see that all of these Royal House are intertwined so whomever sits upon the final throne may still be a mystery.  They are all after the ultimate End Goal.  Who wins that role in the end?
I believe with others that Obama was used in 2008 to bring in the New World Order's first 3 1/2 years.  Everything he has done has set the world up for a Sudden Destruction that only that Prince who takes his power, could seem to fix.  The fact that this person takes his power, not legally given to him, could apply to both men, I expect.  See Daniel 11:21.  Obama came in as a fraud who did not qualify and William may steal his father's throne without the Royal authority to do so unless the Queen decides to skip Charles and gives the throne to her grandson.   It is my belief that Obama, as repulsive as he is, is a  mere "puppet" whose strings are being pulled by the Illuminati hiaracy.  For sure he does fit the description in the above scripture as being "Dispicable".
The calculations done by Mathman, Ron and others are in too much harmony to not be accepted.  Everything points to these days with no turning back.  This world is on the brink of Sudden Destruction.  Perhaps the only thing that hasn't been figured out yet is who it is that is really the real Antichrist beyond all doubt.  The time is right.  Which son of Satan will it be?
What is so confusing to me is the fact that A/C is given only 3 1/2 years.  Obama is almost at that point now so how can he continue on if there are 3 1/2 more years to go as many say?  Will someone take his place after the Sudden Destruction?   So, is he the precusor?   Or....
Does it all end when this earth flips and flops like a drunken cottage, which is expected on Dec. 21, 2012? 
I concure with you Pattie, I vote for Prince William....this year...2012.  His credentials and family lineage are lengthy and much more appealing than the dark horse from Chicago even though they may both have the same father.