Gerlinda (10 Feb 2012)

Dear Sandra Jean, 
Your post on the Kabbala was a great source of information for the many that do not fully understand why people (like Madonna) have followed after this teaching.  Many people, even thought at the time when she announced she was following this teaching, considered her to now be a convert to Judism and hey!  that's good that she is seeking G-d, right? Most had no idea that it was  a sell out to Satan done with her own blood.   One cannot last in those industries these days without have done so.   Knowing that Hollywood is controlled by the Edomites that call themselves Jews but are (as Jesus said) of the Synagogue of Satan, shows how this whole wordly has been "Snared" as others call it, by the trappings of Satan.    Your posting this also helps clarify what our own government officials are all about and how useless it is to even think a vote for the "Right" will fix it all.  Or for those that think; let's just love each other and share what we have like the Left pretends it is doing is the answer.  Any good, honorable politician that hoped to change things were quickly driven out.   It was that Son of a Bush that was on the Right that began this last phase we have now entered.   His father, "Poppy Bush" began the earlier phase when he sent troops into Middle East to save his "puppet kings" of Saudi Arabia in his quest for a NWO.  On and on it the nations gather to try to destroy the one nation that God called His own.   This little post, along with the slew of others, alone shows the days we are in and that they cannot last many more years (months???)  at all.  Well, here I go rambling on but I just want you to know what a service you did Sandra Jean by posting this information of one of Satan's religious organizations whose tentacles reaches every direction of the globe. .  A big hug to you for this post.  gerlinda 
Sandra Jean (9 Feb 2012)
"For Tick-Tock-Baby and Others Still Confused about Kabbalah"