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"Political Pipelines, why Mid-Point is comin' up fast"

Arab spring + European autumn = Mediterranean crisis

Almost all the countries around the Med are gripped by instability or uncertainty Satellite image of the north
                                  African coastline and the
                                  Mediterranean sea

Satellite image of the north African coastline and the Mediterranean sea. 
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The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is a multilateral partnership that encompasses 43 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin: the 27 member states of the European Union and 16 Mediterranean partner countries from North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans.

The act unites all EU members with several non-EU countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy launched the international body with 43 member nations with the aim at ending conflict in the Middle East.

The Union for the Mediterranean will tackle issues such as regional unrest, immigration to pollution. 


The unraveling is happening fast, setting the stage for someone to entrap the World because of the chaos.



: Unbelievable Pictures From Europe's Brutal Cold, Snow



Flagship EU gas pipeline project 'near collapse'                 February 5, 2012                                                              Analysts point out that even with a major pipeline like Nabucco that Europe's growing need for gas means that it won't be able to significantly reduce its dependence on Russia.

Europe's big freeze: Danube shipping paralyzed

A small ferry ship makes its way among ice-floes floating in River Danube north of Budapest, Hungary on Monday.

Authorities say up to 90 percent of the river surface is covered with floating ice, making it extremely difficult to traverse Europe's main commercial waterway, which winds 1,777 miles (2,860 kilometers) from Germany through Austria and Hungary and serves as the natural border between Bulgaria and Romania as it flows out to the Black Sea. 

Deadly floods follow in iced-over Europe

Romania and Bulgaria's decision come the day after Serbian emergency officials said the country's army will use explosives to break up ice on the Danube and Ibar rivers to try to prevent the possibility of flooding. 

Elsewhere, strong wind knocked over power lines and left tens of thousands without electricity in Bosnia, potentially for the next several days. 

North Africa                                                                           The bitter cold has engulfed most of Europe and even crossed the Mediterranean into north Africa, where as many as 16 people were killed on Algeria's snow-slicked roads or in other weather-related accidents.

Rare snow also fell in southern Tunisia for the first time in about 40 years, media reported, with temperatures well below freezing in some areas and villages cut off.

In France, 39 of the country's 101 regions were on alert for deep cold as a new record for electricity consumption was predicted later on Monday. 


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