Gail (6 Feb 2012)
"I don't like this"

I posted back in Mid-December, about the threat to the Asian Nations.  I know that they are not the ones to solve the euro-zone crisis.
Looks like a sure catastrophe is in the making.
Wen says China has stake in helping Europe
February 5, 2012
BEIJING (Reuters) - China has a stake in helping euro zone countries get through their debt crisis, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said in comments published on Sunday, pointing to Europe's importance as a market and hinting at more possible support for beleaguered exporters.  Wen said Beijing was considering increasing its participation in rescue funds to address the European debt crisis.  China, with its $3.2 trillion worth foreign exchange reserves, is often seen as a potential source for funds needed to bail out some European governments.  Wen said China was studying how it might lend Europe further support.
 #2 Malacca Chokepoint
#2 Malacca

From an economic and strategic perspective, the Strait of Malacca is one of the most important shipping lanes in the world.

The strait is the main shipping channel between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, linking major Asian economies such as India, China, Japan and South Korea. The maximum size of a vessel that can make passage through the Strait is referred to as Malaccamax. The strait is not deep enough (at 25 metres or 82 feet) to permit some of the largest ships (mostly oil tankers) to use it. A ship that exceeds Malaccamax will typically use the Lombok Strait, Makassar Strait, Sibutu Passage and Mindoro Strait instead.

At Phillips Channel close to the south of Singapore, the Strait of Malacca narrows to 2.8 km (1.5 nautical miles) wide, creating one of the world's most significant traffic choke points.


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