Gail (18 Feb 2012)
"Daniel 11:20, Daniel 11:21, Isaiah 10:7"


Daniel 11:21                                                                    

And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. 

I have posted more than a couple times on what I thought Daniel 11:20 means-


Daniel 11:20

Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle. (Daniel 11:20)


I think it pertains to UK Prime Minister David Cameron.  I think he meets his end during Union Strikes, amidst chaos breaking out.  The next Union Strikes are at the beginning of March 2012. 


How does the Prince of Wales   


[Flag of Wales]

obtain the United Kingdom by flattery? 


Prince of Scotland

Prince and Great Steward of Scotland are two of the titles of the heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom. The current holder of these titles is HRH Prince Charles. 


Scottish Independence: Cameron Warns On UN Security Council Place



David Cameron will engage in a high-risk rebuttal of Scottish independence on Thursday, when he'll make a speech in Scotland which warns of the nation being marginalised at the UN Security Council and among NATO.

Britain's place on the UN Security Council would be - considered increasingly tenuous given its relative wane as a global power - as it depends on its nuclear arsenal. How those weapons might be divvied up between England and Scotland will be a major bone of contention in the years leading up to the independence referendum.

Britain's fleet of Trident submarines are largely based in Scotland in order to defend the North Atlantic as part of NATO agreements. Many believe that if Scotland left the union, there would be no adequate alternative base for those submarines in England.

Alex Salmond is on-record as saying that an independent Scotland would not be a nuclear nation. Relocating Trident's existing bases to England would be expensive, and would lead to uncertainty on the current commitment by Britain under NATO to police international waters, particularly in the North Atlantic.

David Cameron said: "The best case for the United Kingdom is entirely positive. We are better off together. Why? Well, first of all, let’s be practical. Inside the United Kingdom, Scotland - just as much as England, Wales and Northern Ireland - is stronger, safer, richer and fairer."

In traveling to Scotland to deliver a firm and personal riposte to rising sentiment there towards leaving the UK, Cameron is taking a significant risk. The PM - like all Tories - lacks popularity in Scotland. 

Labour has considered drafting in former chancellor Alastair Darling as an ambassador for preserving the union, but it's far from clear who the Tories could deploy for their party. 


Some of their Nuclear Hardware is repeating history right now-

Nuclear sub on Falklands patrol... as the flames of fury continue in Argentina February 3rd, 2012. 


Argentina is calling for Embargoes.                              Kirchner has convinced the Community of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC), to formally adopt “all measures that can be put into place to impede entry into its ports of ships that fly the illegal flag of the Malvinas Islands.” 


From my post- Another 'Type' God uses to put the spotlight on the AntiMessiah, Professor Evans researched that-

Defeat and revolution were what politicized Hitler.


The Malvinas Islands (Falkland) dispute will witness a different outcome this time.  It will leave the Prince of Wales feeling Defeated, coupled with Dramatic Revolution, potential break-up for the United Kingdom.  He helps unite through speeches, given his Titles-Prince and Great Steward of Scotland are two of the titles of the heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom.    


Clearly history is repeating, with a different Man, fulfilling all Prophecy.


7.) Howbeit he meaneth not so, neither doth his heart think so;
but it is in his heart to destroy and cut off nations not a few.

The Prince of Wales has called for greater population control   in the developing world. 

Mid-Point - March 21st 2013

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