Gail (16 Feb 2012)
"Prophecy is happening fast. A Mega-Tsunami in the works for Asia"

Wen Says China Ready to Be More ‘Deeply’ Involved in Solution for Europe

February 15, 2012

China said it will “get more involved” in supporting Europe and sustain its holdings of euro assets, spurring gains in the currency and Asian stocks on optimism the debt crisis will be overcome.   At the China-EU summit, Wen explicitly stated that China will continue to, under the principle of security, liquidity and increasing value, invest in European government debt, and will get more involved in efforts to help resolve the European debt crisis.  “China is ready to get more deeply involved in participating in solving the European debt issue.”

They won't be able to touch the Euro-Crisis. Imminent destruction is on the way, it is so sad. 

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