Frank R Molver (4 Feb 2012)
"Obama AC and Temple discussion thing"

We do agree that it is OK to disagree on speculative things, right?
So trying to prove something that hasn't happened yet can be difficult.
As far as Obama being the AC.
Well, scripture does say most people will not catch on, even some of the elect.
Imagine, a family guy that professes Christianity and Coexist, how wonderful open minded.
Sarcasm intended.
But that is OK
Funny thing though, the History channel did a program of Obama as the 3rd antichrist, weird huh.
So I guess we will just have to see if Obama morphs into something else.
As far as the temple goes.
Perhaps it waits until his church or His people temple leaves.
What are all those chapters in Ezekiel about that occur after the chapters on Gog Magog anyway?
It meticulously describes a temple, it hasn't been built yet, and it is not that same as the one in Revelations.
The one in Revelations, the new Jerusalem, has no temple, not needed.
So there you are, we agree to disagree, and that is OK.
If you get it all figured out give me a call.