Frank R Molver (3 Feb 2012)
"photo re Hazel's vision of Obama as Lincoln"

I found this photo that some one did of Obama as Lincoln.
Obama claimed to be like Lincoln
So your vision appears accurate
Also consider what Mike has written about Lincoln and the aircraft carrier.
Sometime last week, you asked if any of the doves had thoughts or experiences about Abraham Lincoln. You related in chilling detail the vision you had about a naval vessel being attacked in middle eastern waters. Mike, I too had a vision, but not of a military war ship, I saw Obama dressed as Abraham Lincoln before I had ever seen Obama or heard of his name. The vision must have occurred the year before the last presidential primaries in 2008. I posted the vision or dream on 5 doves maybe 2 or 3 years ago, I don't post often.

Like your vision, mine was also very chilling. Let me explain what I saw that night in my vision. It began with me floating at the top of my family room, some 12 or 15 feet high (open two-story), and as I looked down I saw a very tall thin man sitting in one of my chairs. He struck an arrogant pose as he leaned back, one leg crossed over the other and his LEFT arm behind him on the top of the chair - a lit cigarette in that left hand. Obama smokes privately and is lefthanded, many people are unaware of that fact. OK, this man was looking UP at me with a huge, wicked grin on his face, and his teeth were a predominant feature on his face. HE WAS DRESSED IN A BLACK TUXEDO AND HAD A TALL STOVEPIPE HAT ON HIS HEAD, THE IMAGE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. He was either wearing a mask or had white face paint on similar to the JOKER poster circulating around last year alluding to Obama's connection to SOCIALISM! Remember that one?

Mike, this my interpretation: My floating high was a reference to the rapture. This man in my vision was looking up at me with a - "glad you're all out of here" look and he was a dead ringer for Obama. He was dressed for an inauguration looking like Lincoln himself. And all this happened to me before I ever heard of this guy - never saw this guy on TV or in the press, never heard of the name Barack Obama. And to this day, I really don't understand the Lincoln connection in my vision. And I think about it often. That's my story and it's all the truth. God bless you, Mike

Waiting for Jesus

Hazel Parker