Frank R Molver (20 Feb 2012)
"We are in the Red Zone now, sketch"

Considering what is going on right now I think this prophetic picture is accurate.

Does mean we are in the "Red Zone" for the Rapture? Like the final window where there can be no more delays? Lord may it be so!

I hope so too.I had asked God for the exact time,He responded with words in the next vision,"The end is the begining." It still puzzled me.I guess the"Red Zone"means "the time is here".I've been thinking of what the meaning of four degreed left in the"Red Zone is.

I think it refers to the tribulation

I think so.

I wonder, are we in the red zone now? There are several like this. Are we in the first half of the last 7 years? If that is, so then it looks as if fly day is somewhere in the middle.