Frank Molver (2 Feb 2012)
"Nicole re plants on rapture forums with disinfo vs legit skeptics"
Good letter, there are plants in forums and churches for sure.
The tares with the wheat.
When it comes to Obama being the AC I can understand when some one doubts a personal revelation.
But some of the info here, which is a lot, is hard to ignore, such as from Mike Curtis and others.
Either they don't want to read it, or it is a case of denial.
I was told once that denial is one of the most  powerful forces in the universe.
That is speaking from a medical perspective, something I deal with all the time in ICU..
Reality is some times very hard to deal with.
That is why many spend so much time looking at television
Speaking of TV and disinformation.
Media propoganda, and social re engineering abound alphabetically