Frank R Molver (14 Feb 2012)
"Bill re final 7, various raptures, Oct 08 coventant, great letter"
This is really a good letter.
I have been going thru Nicole Poon's prophetic sketches and see the various incidences you mention in your letter
You have to click on the first picture in the series and it will expand then use the arrows
It then becomes a story with several images in a row showing a certain revelation, it takes time, just like reading your letter.
Below is only a snipet from Bill's letter.

Speaking just for myself, the 2008-2015 Timeline fits very well what I believe. I'd been Pre-Wrath only since 1991 when I read "The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church" by Marvin Rosenthal. I Modified my view in 2007, after the Lord showed me the "Open Door" of Rev 3:7-13 in a vision that was so very real that it was like I was awake. I'll give you the short version of the vision. An open doorway appeared in my bedroom at night sometime around 4:00 am EDT and stayed open for awhile, then as I watched, the two sides closed, slowly coming together into a straight line, then the straight line became a vapor and vanished. Then I woke up. I was shocked because it had really been like I had been awake during the vision. This was an answer to prayer for me for wisdom, and I believe the "Open Door" I saw will be opened up for those worthy to escape the Great Tribulation at the proper time. I don't believe this will be like the "gathering together of the elect" in the sky per Matt 24:29-31, which happens later. I believe I need to share this, as we need to watch for it. I had re-read the Pre-Wrath Rapture in 2002 and continued to generally agree with it, but I had a question that persisted regarding Rev 3:10 and being "kept from the hour" of temptation (Great Tribulation). Is being "kept from the hour" a Divine protection while still here until the main Rapture, "the gathering together of the elect" in Matt 24:29-31, as Rosenthal maintained? Or is being "kept from the hour" an additional Rapture event for those deemed worthy to escape per the Lord Jesus Christ's instructions to the Seven Churches? I pray for wisdom daily, and at this point had been praying for years. For me, the answer is definitely the latter, and I believe the probable timing is ten days following the Abomination of Desolation, as indicated by the Near/Far timing clue that the Lord Jesus Christ gave Smyrna in Rev 2:10 that they will have tribulation for "ten days." Philadelphia and Smyrna were both persecuted churches who were worthy, and along with a small remnant of Sardis, were the only ones not told that they needed to Repent. The rest of the churches were all told that unless they Repent, they will have tribulation. What I am saying goes over most people's heads because they've been taught that the Great Tribulation is the Wrath of God. Not true, it's the persecution of Antichrist. The Wrath of God follows the Great Tribulation. They are both in the final Three and one-half years but they don't overlap. The Great Tribulation is cut short for the elect by the Pre-Wrath Rapture ("the gathering together of the elect" as scripture calls it) at the Sixth Seal per Rev 6:12-17, and "after the tribulation of those days" per Matt 24:29-31. The Great Tribulation ends, then the Wrath of God begins following "the gathering together of the elect." Numerous Old Testament verses tell us that the Wrath of God will last about One year. Therefore, the Great Tribulation lasts about Two and one-half years immediately followed by the Wrath of God for about the remaining One year. The final One year will start at the Sixth Seal, when "the gathering together of the elect" and the Sealing of the 144,000 takes place, Rev 7:1-8. The Wrath of God begins at the Seventh Seal, Rev 8:1-2, with the Trumpet Judgments in numerical order. Christ touches down on the earth at the Seventh Trumpet. The Seventh Trumpet contains the Seven Bowl Judgments, which are poured out in numerical order during the 30 days following Christ's return, Rev 16:1-21. At the end of the 30 days is the battle of Armageddon, Rev 19:11-21, 1290 days from the Abomination of Desolation.