Frank Molver (1 Feb 2012)
"Jan 28, the power of suggestion fueled by apprehension"

I think we are all getting a little antsy, jumping to conclusions because of apprehension.
It appears we are very close.
The devil wants us to be discouraged so I think he is fueling the fire.
I recall several years ago some one proposed a similar prediction based on Islamic dates
It sounded all so logical, but it never happened.
But the phenomena of seeming to have confirmations from the Lord re this is disturbing.
Soon there were a lot of other people who also claimed confirmations..
Kind of reminded me of what happened to me long ago.
Someone told be that a certain lady had expressed interest in me.
My thought life grew, I started to notice it too, many confirmations I thought.
So finally I asked the person and found out I was fooled.
I then realized that the person that told me this was just stirring the pot, having fun.
God wants us to be steady.
Kind of like what Kevin shared recently about a soon rapture dream