Elliot Hong (20 Feb 2012)
"A Real Hidden Plot for this Purim"

Dear Doves:
In the previous letter, I wrote that the mad leader of Iran(Haman) might carry out
a plot to wipe out the Jews just before this Purim.  On the surface, it's true. But I
realized that there might be a real hidden plot planned for this Purim by the real
Haman, AC.
I watched a video clip "Navy Seal Warns False Flag is Coming", and it seems Iran
will be blamed for it and dragged into an war as Ahmadinejad is used to play a role
of Haman. Israel will be deceived too as being victorious with a help of US, but it'll
be a trap to be forced to sign "the covenant with death" as it's written in Isaiah 28:18.
During the feast of Purim many important incidents happened such as the Gulf War
(ground assault), the Invasion of Iraq and the Boming of Libya, and it seems that the
force of NWO made a plan to carry out the plot for this Purim.  It means a false flag
"destruction" could occur very soon.
There is no question that the satanic ritual of the halftime show was staged by the
force of NWO to declare a challenge to God and they're not going to wait long to take
over.  A false flag destruction is inevitable and imminent, and it'll be the beginning of
the Judgment, and the Departure could occur within 5-7 days from it. It's clear now
that the overtime(sudden death)of the miraculous game on Jan 8 meant this "imminent
Therefore, as I mentioned, the marriage between the Bride and the King has to happen
before this Purim so that the Queen can plead with the King and the Father to save Israel
not only from the war but also from the deception of the devil.
Again, this is just my theory.
See you soon,