Elliot Hong (2 Feb 2012)
"More Informations about the 46th Super Bowl"

Dear Doves:
"Watcher of life" of RITA pointed out that the 46th Super Bowl is 40 days from
the last day of Hanukkah which was Dec.28, 2011.  40 represents test, trial and
probation. Many of us were so sure that last Hanukkah was for the Blessed Hope,
so "40 days delay" from it makes sense to me.   It fits to the overtime of the
miraculous game too.
Feb.5/6 happens to be the full moon. Remember a prophetic word John Lawler
received that there will be a huge explosion in the top of its phase?
According to Calvin, 2/11 is the 42nd day of year 2012.  42 represents 1st and
2nd Advent.
Many signs indicate that the Judgment could begin on Feb.5/6 and the Departure
could follow on Feb.11.
We'll know soon.