Elliot Hong (17 Feb 2012)
"A Clue that the Departure could occur before this Purim"

Dear Doves:
As it's written in the Scripture, Esther as the Queen saved her people from the Haman's plot.
This could be a clue that the Departure could occur before this coming Purim.
As a current tension is developing ominously in the Strait of Hormuz, it's very possible that
the mad leader of Iran(Haman) might carry out a plot to wipe out the Jews just prior of this
Purim. And not like like any other previous wars, Israel will be seriously hurt this time, although
she will be victorious ultimately.  Israel will be needing all the helps she can get especially from
the Throne of God.
This is why I believe the marriage between the Bride and the King has to happen before this
Purim in Heaven so that the Queen can plead with the King and the Father to save Israel.
As I mentioned, to me the overtime(sudden death) of the miraculous game on Jan 8 was a
definite clue which was connected with the Super Bowl.  And we all know the satanic ritual was
an undeniable sign of the birth of NWO. So we can expect the Judgment could come quickly and
suddenly. If it's delayed to this Purim, it's not a sudden death because it's too late and obvious.
In my opinion, the Judgment could begin over this weekend, and the Departure could occur about
5 days later during the New Moon(2/22-23).  This will give enough time for the Wedding in the
New Jerusalem and Pleading for the Chosen People.
If this scenario is correct, it's possible that Damascus could be destroyed first as the Departure
occurs, then the war between Israel and Iran could follow just prior of this coming Purim.
Again, this is just my opinion.
See you soon,